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The chain is 24 inches long and is made of Gun Metal. The token is made of Brass (gold color), Black or Nickel (silver color).  14 character max.

Chain Necklace

  • All of our Items are technically waterproof but contact with water will accelerate the aging process of the metal parts of the items. The following is a list of the metals that make up our products along with a description of how each type of metal will age when put in contact with water:

    Token Type:

    • Brass tokens do not have any plating, coating, or any other form of protection. Our uncoated brass tokens go through a natural oxidation over time that results in the token gaining an antique patina look that many find appealing. This natural oxidation will occur regardless but it will be accelerated if the piece is put in contact with water, and moisture. Both of these conditions are met due to the simple act of wearing the product. The oils from your skin and even sweat all contribute to the naturally occuring oxidation of uncoated brass. Thus, oxidation is unavoidable and will naturally alter the color of the token to resemble a darker, aged, and antiqued quality. Do not be alarmed about the oxidation process - it is non-toxic. If the color of the oxidized token becomes too dark in color for your liking, simply polish the token with an old cloth and some vinegar to brighten and shine it's appearance!
    • Nickel, Black Nickel, Silver and Gold plated: All these types of tokens are made of brass which has a coating, or plating, which helps to protect the token from oxidation. The plated color will last for a long period of time, but with time the plating will wear, and the brass will start to oxidize and change the color of the token. Exposure to water will accelerate the process of the plating wearing off, and the oxidation and discoloration of the token.


    • All of our chains are made of Brass and are plated with either Nickel, Black Nickel, Silver or Gold. Just like the plating on our Tokens, the plating on our chains helps protect the Brass from oxidation. Over time, the plating slowly wears off, and the Brass will start to oxidize and alter the original color of the chain. Exposure to moisture will accelerate the process of the plating wearing off, and the oxidation and discoloration of the token. Because all the pieces of metal composing a chain constantly move and rub against eachother when worn, this friction accelerates the plating in wearing off. Consequently, the color of the chain of your necklace is likely to wear off faster than the color of the token that hangs on the necklace.
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